Online Degrees

Why Obtain An Online Degree?

You are a high school junior or senior thinking about college. Should you go to college or not? What are your options? This article will give you some ideas about one option, getting an online degree.

First, there are many online colleges and universities to choose from to get your online degree. Some of the best include the University of Phoenix, DeVry University, Post University, American InterContinental University, Ashford University, Kaplan University and Everest University Online. Start with these and determine a degree program that interests you. (For help with this, see some of the “Recent Posts” links on this website.) Then, review additional information about each institution on this website, as well as the website of each individual college or university.

All online degrees have a number of common advantages over attending traditional college campuses with classroom instruction. The main advantage is convenience. Attending class, studying, working on projects and papers, and taking quizzes, tests and even final exams are all done on your schedule and available 24/7. Yes, there will still be deadlines to meet and certain assignments, quizzes, projects and exams must be completed on time. However, how you manage your time for each course is extremely flexible. Fitting in college activities with full or part-time employment, family obligations and your personal life is simply a matter of time management.

Time management will be critical. And the key is setting priorities. What is priority number one? As the head of a household, maybe it is your family. As a Christian, maybe it is time spent in prayer, reading your Bible and attending church services. As a single mom or dad, maybe it is tending to the needs of little Wendi or John. Or, as a single person with a high school education looking for a professional career, maybe it is doing your very best in each and every college course.

Next determine your other priorities, in order. Finally, create a daily schedule and stick with it, at least until there is a very good reason to modify it.

To obtain an online degree you will need a reliable desktop or laptop computer, as well as a reliable Internet connection. These will be your lifeline for obtaining an online degree. Three to five hundred dollars for a computer and fifty to seventy five dollars per month for an Internet connection are really the only physical asset and service needed. All studying, assignments, projects and even quizzes and exams are done from the convenience of your home, condominium or apartment; or, these may be done wherever there is a computer and an Internet connection. What could be more convenient?

So start looking for your online adventure in education today. Choosing The Best Colleges Online website is a great start! Good luck and thank you for reading!

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