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How to Get a Web Design Degree Online

As little as 15 years ago, if someone told you that you could take all your college courses online, you might have said they were nuts. You probably wouldn’t have considered a career in web design either. Times have changed. Almost every college offers at least some online classes, and many colleges offer entire degrees that can be obtained through online coursework. In fact, there are some colleges that don’t even have a physical campus – the entire curriculum is online.

Just because a school is online-based doesn’t meant they aren’t legit. In order to find the best colleges online, you should use similar criteria as what you would use to evaluate a physical campus. Just leave out the location-based questions, such as what they serve for lunch.

  1. Find out whether the online school you’re looking at is accredited. It’s best to get a degree from an accredited university, if at all possible. That’s especially so if you’re going for a traditional bachelor’s, associate’s or master’s degree.
  2. Ask whether you can transfer credits from your online school to anywhere else. For example, if you plan to take online courses at AIU Online, and then intend on transferring to Ohio State, you want to make sure all your coursework will be accepted and can be applied towards your degree.
  3. Find out whether they offer a specific web design degree, and then find out whether the school is well-respected in the web designing community. You can do this by asking friends or conducting an internet search. There may also be web design forums where you can ask other web designers what they think of the school.
  4. Ask about job placement. Even in the online schooling community, many schools will offer to help you find a job after graduation. This is a benefit, but not a deal breaker for many people.
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