Online Degrees

Five Popular Online Degrees

If you’re like most high school seniors and recent grads, you probably aren’t precisely sure about what subject you want to study. But if you’re thinking about studying online, you should probably give this a little thought before you enroll in any classes. Most degrees can be obtained through taking all of your courses online, but not all. So, if you want to study online, you may want to start by considering one of the most popular online degree programs.  Then, the next step is to search the curriculum of the best colleges online to decide where you want to study.

Here are five of the most popular online degrees available:

Nursing and medical assisting

The medical field is growing fast, and it’s one field with great employment potential. Depending on your area of study, you may need to put in some lab hours in a classroom environment, but you can take most (if not all) of your classes online.

Accounting and finance

Similar to health care, accounting and finance careers are always in demand. Even in a recession, accountants and financial planners are necessary. Some might even argue that these careers are even more important in times of financial hardship.

Criminal justice

From prosecutors to legal aides, there are many criminal justice careers that can be obtained through online learning. These careers are also among the most popular because they remain in-demand throughout changing financial climates.

Video game design

If you enjoy spending all of your free time playing video games, you might want to consider taking online classes to learn how to become a video game designer. It’s a rewarding career that is often taken as an online degree program.

High school diploma

Many people who don’t complete their high school coursework in time to graduate with their peers end up taking courses online to get their diploma or GED.

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